Following is the list of our predefined dial-in plans that are ready to use at any time. Remember that you can alter them to tune to your needs.

Dial-in and dictate. This is our most popular dial-in service, used primarily for medical transcriptions. Callers can dial in to our 800 number and dictate audio. The dial plan allows the caller to manage the dictated audio (rewind, forward, delete portions, etc). When done dictating, an audio file (in WAV or MP3 format) could be emailed and/or sent to any destination server via FTP, SFTP, FTP SSL or SCP. Of course, the audio will also be available for download from our secure web site.

Dial-in and conference. Offers typical conferencing ability with a most useful feature added in: the conference call is recorded in high audio quality, and then sent back to the user at call completion. The recording is sent as an audio file (in WAV or MP3 format) to a pre-specified email address and/or sent to any destination server via FTP, SFTP, FTP SSL or SCP. Even more, the audio is fully available for download from our secure web site. Any number of conference rooms can be set up at any time, an option that takes less than a minute to deploy. This service is very popular in the legal industry.

Dial-in and forward. Did you ever want to have the convenience of taking a call on your cell phone but dread giving your cell phone number out? This option allows customers, vendors - anyone - to call your 800 number and our system immediately, silently dispatches the call to your cell phone - seamlessly! At the same time, you will also see the number and identity of the person calling you, through the caller ID. You can elect to re-route an undesired call to voicemail with a simple click or push of a button.

Dial-in and record. Similar to the previous plan except that our system records the conversation. This could be a handy tool in the financial industry where registered representatives need to keep detailed notes of all conversations in client files. Please be aware that recording of phone calls is a subject of many federal, state and local laws. In certain states, the caller will need to be notified that the conversation will be recorded at the onset of the call, though the popular pre-recorded message of "for quality control reasons, this call may be monitored and/or recorded..". The option of receiving a detailed, word-for-word transcription of the conversation is also available.

Dial-in and redirect. This option is a standard office phone answering system. When the caller dials in, our system will ask them which department they are looking for. Then it will attempt to contact (dial out) a selected department. If the attempt is successful, the caller will be connected to the desired department; otherwise, the caller will be presented with the option to leave a voice mail, which will be automatically emailed to you. And if the call has not been made during your business hours, then our system will ask the caller to either leave the message or call back.

Dial-in and prescreen. This allows the caller to leave a text and/or voice message, rather than to be placed on hold for extended periods of time! This is fully customizable to the client. For instance, the caller can be asked to enter their account information, leave a voice message, and direct an immediate callback from a particular individual or department. This is immensely useful if all support personnel are occupied at the current moment.

Dial-in and notify. This is a service where callers dial in to retrieve information on an automated basis. This is terrific in performing simple but necessary tasks such as retrieving an account balance, a lab report, an address, or service hours. Save money by re-directing customers to gain information via an automated system, rather than paying unnecessarily high overhead through the use of human customer service representatives. However, to avoid the stigma of impersonal service, we include the option to be connected to a live human operator at a marginally higher rate.