How it Works

This web site contains general information about our solutions and plans. Please take your time browsing through the web pages, it is important to know rules and limitations. Remember that you can cancel our services at any time; however, we have a no-returns policy. So, please contact us if you have any questions or if you are not sure if our services are right for you.

Ready to sign up? Great, you are few minutes away from having our powerful telephony applications at your services!

Step 1. We take new customer only from our partners. Contact us if you have not been referred to us by one of our partners.
Step 2. Sign up for our services. Pick the smallest payment plan if you want to test the waters. Signing up takes a minute and is fully automatic. At the end of the process, the toll free number will be provided to you.
Step 3. Create a list of callers and/or receivers. You can do it either right under your account, or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet or text file. If you are simply testing our solutions, you might want to start with just one name on the list (your name).
Step 4. Pick a dial plan and activate it. Now your callers can dial your toll-free number, or our servers will dial to your receivers.

Note. You will need a major credit card to sign up for our services. At this time we accept: