Following is the list of our predefined dial-out plans that are ready to use at any time. Remember that you can alter them to tune to your needs.

Dial-out and broadcast. This service is an audio broadcasting dial plan. It is also an emergency alert notification. An audio file is created (either by uploading to us an audio file or by letting our text-to-speech servers to convert your text into audio file) and our front-end telephony servers will call any number of your receivers and broadcast your message to them. In addition, the system can send emails and texts (SMS).

Dial-in and broadcast. Very similar to the dial-out and broadcast plan, the difference in this plan is that the caller dials in from his/her phone, dictates the unique message, which is then automatically blasted to the caller's specified receivers.

Dial-out and remind. An enormously popular service, it provides appointment reminders and confirmations. The dial-out time is noted into the system, which then calls all specified receivers instantaneously, notifying each receiver the appointment date, time, place, (in addition to the nature of appointment, profession to be seen, etc.). A cancellation, postponement and confirmation of appointment option is available with a simple push of a button on the receiver's phone. All results of the call campaign is recorded in a highly detailed report, which is then emailed to the client on a daily basis and also made available for retrieval on our website immediately, with indefinite and safe storage.

Dial-out and collect. This is very similar to dial-out and remind but it is specifically designed for collections of overdue accounts and balances. This notifies customers about their balance and to provide them with the payment instructions.

Dial-out and survey. This feature enables the deployment surveying calls in an automated fashion. Our front-end telephony servers will dial out to all receivers and perform a survey. Your receivers could be asked any number of questions while our system records their answers. These answers (either pressed keys on the phone pad or dictated audio) are immediately emailed to the client and will also be available for retrieval from the web site. As opposed to previous plans, this dial plan needs further customization before activation as every survey is unique in its questions.