Plans + Pricing

Payment Plans:
We cannot quote you a price because it heavily depends on usage. You need to speak to our partner, who will pick the best set of plans for you. You need to know that there are only two charges that apply to all our plans:
1) PLAN MINUTES. Every month you will get certain number of plan minutes. These minutes are not carried to the next month.
2) ADDITIONAL MINUTES. You could purchase additional (overage) minutes at any time and whenever you need them. These minutes never expire and carried to the next month.
Additional Services:
Dedicated phone number$10.00/monthWhen you sign up for our services, you will be automatically provided a toll-free 800 number. There is no extra charge for having that number. However, you can have your own 800 or domestic number for an additional $10.00 per month. The advantage of having your own number is that it will belong only to you, so you are guaranteed to have unique user IDs and pins.
Customizable dial plan$50.00/hourWould you prefer to combine a few dial plans into one plan? Or, would you rather alter your existing plan? Though you can always do it yourself, our trained personnel can rapidly do this for you. We charge $50.00 per hour.